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High Tech Dentistry

Green Dentistry is High Tech Dentistry

It turns out that many of the innovations on the leading edge of dental technology are also better for patients and the planet.

High-tech innovations are key to helping dental professionals achieve their targets for waste reduction and resource conservation.

In most cases, there is a 1:1 correlation between the eco-friendly and the high-tech choice.

Digital technologies offer early diagnosis, preventive therapies, and education that serve the needs of wellness lifestyle patients committed to maintaining long-term wellness and seeking to avoid invasive or expensive procedures.

For example:


For Patients

For the Environment

Digital Imaging (x-rays)

Instant image availability; improved image quality; enhanced diagnostic efficacy; minimal radiation exposure

Eliminates toxic x-ray fixer solutions and lead foils
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Steam Sterilization

Time efficient and reliable; eliminates toxic chemical sterilization vapors in the dental office environment

Eliminates hazardous waste; allows for re-usable sterilization warps

CAD/CAM Systems

(In office laboratory restorations)

Convenient completion of lab-quality restorations in single appointment; comfort of digital impressions

Reduces greenhouse gasses produced from patient and staff travel for multiple appointments, and the shipping of impressions and final restorations, sometimes as far as overseas

Many high-tech cosmetic practices see a boost in new patients and practice success when they recognize the eco-friendly value of their high-tech investments.

For tips to transition your high-tech cosmetic practice to a green wellness lifestyle practice, check out the GreenDOC Checklist of Standardsfor green dental offices.

More High-Tech, Eco-Friendly, Wellness-Based Dental Technologies:

  • Oral Detoxification with Laser Hygiene Technologies
  • Salivary Diagnostics for Periodontal Disease
  • LED-Operatory Lighting
  • Digital Oral Cancer Screening
  • Digital Impressions
  • Digital Patient Charting
  • On-site Biomedical Waste Disposal Systems
  • …. And more!

Dental Patients:



Dental Practitioners:



Dental Industry:

Do your high-tech products and services help dentists reduce waste and pollution and serve the wellness lifestyle patient?

Want to increase your company’s eco-friendly offerings or boost your participation in our industry’s green future?